Private Sessions

I do three types of Private One on One sessions with clients. I can meet you in my office in Portland Oregon or work with you on skype. All of my sessions are brief therapy and usually take one or two sessions to get results. Below is a list of the sessions I offer and a brief explanation of what they are. For a detailed description please click on the links attached.

Each Private Session is $90. To pay via PayPal, use this link:


Affirmative Innergetics®

Affirmative Innergetics® is a therapy I created while doing Psych-K with clients and combining other therapies I had learned. I found that by starting with Clean Questions, and unpacking the answer we could then create an affirmation that would resolve the issue and change the unconscious beliefs. Then we could check the unconscious to see if it had accepted the change. We could know right there and then if it worked or if we needed to make some adjustments.

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Psych-K® is a therapy developed by Robert M.Williams as a safe and effective way to change self-limiting subconscious beliefs. As a psychotherapist he thought that traditional therapy was taking too long. He developed Psych-K to get results and found it to work very well.

It is a powerful process that uses your body (the cellular level) and your unconscious (mind level) to update these old beliefs and change the way you think and feel. Once we change beliefs at these deeper levels we are able to change our life.

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Discovering Your Shadow: Transform What is Bothering You The Most Into Your Greatest Gift

The importance of working with your Shadows is based on the work of Carl Jung, Debbie Ford and Ken Wilber. The Shadow holds the key to discover what it is you are not allowing and how that is unconsciously sabotaging your life.

As Debbie Ford says, “If you are experiencing problems in your life it is probably something to do with your shadow.” In a session I help you access your shadow parts and integrate them back into your life. Once you do this you will be amazed at how much stronger you become. We all have many parts of ourselves we don’t allow and these parts can help us when we need it. Also we keep attracting people and events until we learn what it is we are rejecting in ourselves that brings them in. Once you find its gift and integrate it, you are no longer bothered by it and have access to its strength.

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