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Using Creativity to Unlock Your Life

Testimonial – “I have spent most of my adult life trying to build a house for my soul. Through counseling and relationships I had collected the boards, the pipes, the wire, and the nails. But no matter how many times I stacked these materials together the best I could do was build some kind of lean-to. It was a good enough place to weather a storm but nothing like the house I wanted. The Intuitive Painting class I took with Carolyn gave me the stone I needed to build a strong foundation. And the Journaling class gave me the saw and hammer I needed to not only build a house for my soul but a home I am proud to share with the other’s.” — Tammy

A Visual-Journaling Support Group is a small group of women coming together for 6 weeks to access and explore their emotions and find the messages, wisdom and guidance they carry within. They learn to recognize, shift and transform emotions by first receiving an image and then using developing questions to understanding the meaning the image it is trying to give. Images express what words cannot. By setting a clear intention, centering in body awareness, using guided visualization and then drawing the images that come, you are able to understand and make changes on all three levels needed for transformation, body, mind and cellular.

Our feelings communicate what our life needs and every emotion we have has an image attached. By accessing these images, our inner wisdom is brought to light and we are able to reduce stress, release anger, resolve conflicts, get in touch with our emotions and give voice to our soul. The body always knows and guides you to the place you need to go. Each week you will learn something new.

  • Week 1- Access and Express Your Emotions.
  • Week 2- Access, Release and transform your Stress-producing emotions.
  • Week 3- Let your images speak and tell you a story.
  • Week 4- Overcoming your fears.
  • Week 5-Resolving your inner conflicts.
  • Week 6-Visual Journaling as a lifelong practice.

Anyone can do this. You don’t need to know anything about using art materials or how to draw. You just need the desire and courage to explore, and open up the dialogue between your inner and outer worlds. Unlike regular journaling that uses language and the left brain, this is a direct right brain connection to your inner world.

Group meets weekly for 6 weeks, Tuesday evenings form 7 to 9, limited size 5 women. Please check my blog for the current schedules of new groups forming. Cost is $35 each weekly session for a total of $210. You will need a few inexpensive art supplies. This group meets at my studio in North Portland.

To register for a group or workshop or ask questions please email me at Or Call 503 734-6516

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Using The Shadow to Transform Your Life

As Debbie Ford says, “If you are experiencing problems in your life it is probably something to do with your shadow.” In these 6 weeks of study we will learn how to access your shadow parts and integrate them back into your life. Once you do this you will be amazed at how much stronger you become. We all have many parts of ourselves we don’t allow and these parts can help us when we need it. Also we keep attracting people and events until we learn what it is we are rejecting in ourselves that brings them in. Come join us for this 6 week study group and Find The Gifts In Your Shadow. Can’t wait to take you on this Journey.

Each week this small group meets to explore their disturbances in a safe, open, non-judgmental space. The Shadow is a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung to explain the parts of us that we keep hidden, even from ourselves. These parts we determined were not acceptable and so we buried them deep in our subconscious so we could become the opposite, the person we think is acceptable and good.  The one others would love.  Often these parts were needed to stand up for ourselves.  I will teach you how to regain these parts so they are available when you need them.

Discovering your shadows and its gifts is one of the most freeing experience you can have. As Debbie Ford describes it, “Imagine trying to hold a beach ball under water, how much energy that takes and when it gets loose it pops up and hits you in the face.” This is how your Shadow works, it is always there trying to give you the balance your life needs and it keeps popping up to hit you until you finely get the message.

Group meets Thursday evenings 7 to 9, for 6 weeks, limited to 8.  Cost is $35 dollars per week, can be paid weekly or at beginning of group.  Group meets in North Portland at my home.

To register or ask questions please email me at Or Call 503 734-6516.

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