Intuitive Painting

Weekend Workshops
Experienced artists and beginners alike have fun, let go and learn to paint in a new way. In this new way they explore and discover the Authentic Self and unlock the creativity hiding inside.  We all have inner worlds and unless we know how to access them they can’t help us in our lives.  Intuitive Painting is the most fun, easy, powerful way I have found to do exactly this.  In just one weekend you can really change your life.
No previous art experience required, all levels welcome.
This is not about better techniques of painting but finding your creative guide.  Learn to paint from a deeper sacred place without judgment, criticism or competition. Free to paint with your dreaming mind you discover the joy, healing and empowerment you carry within.
Intuitive Painting reignites your creative spark and lets you self express. Instead of getting your information from outside from someone else, you listen to your own heart and create from there. Unless we have proven techniques to tap into those sacred places we never know they are there.  One of my former students said it best.  “My life was like a submarine and the opened up my hatch.”
We paint with out a plan and watch what wants to emerge. So you can never make a mistake. Everyday is the right way and if you don’t like it you can change it.  This is the shamanic journey part, to see what the painting wants to bring to us. Usually exactly what our life needs.   We learn to let go and let come and amazing things will occur.
My goal in teaching these weekends it to let everyone know they are creative and help them have a better life. 
Weekend Workshop run Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm. All you have to do is wear old clothes you can get paint on and bring a sack lunch for the break. I will provide the rest.
Cost $180 includes all art materials for the weekend. Location: Spirit Mask Studio, North Portland. Limited to 8 participants.  If you’ve taken the workshop before the cost is discounted to $160.   For a lot more information and current schedule and dates please go to my blog
To register or ask questions please email me at or call 503-734-6516   Once confirmed you can pay by Paypal by clicking the button below.